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Minoru Truck Bodies Ltd. distributes and installs most major manufacturers of liftgates. From flipaway and rail-gate models to medium and heavy-duty, we have a wide collection of liftgates to accommodate your needs. Ask about our new stock gate options, too!

Factors for Selecting the Right Liftgate

Let us help you select the right liftgate for your application. Here are some important considerations in choosing the proper liftgate:

1. What is the floor-to-ground measurement of the vehicle?
2. Are doors roll-up or swing-type? (Some door hardware may interfere with some liftgate models.)
3. What is the cargo?
4. How large is the cargo? (This will help determine platform size.)
5. How much does the cargo weigh? (This will help determine the proper capacity.)
6. Is a load retention system needed? (Bulky, wheeled or hard-to-handle cargo may require a retention feature.)
7. What material handling devices will be used while loading/unloading?
8. Are there any dock loading/unloading requirements?
9. How often will the unit be used?
10. Will special conditions like environment necessitate special equipment?
11. What will be the source of your liftgate’s power?
12. What is the overall body width (OAW)?



Maxon offers liftgates that are perfect for your specific business needs. Being the largest manufacturer of liftgates in North America, they bring light duty, conventional, Slidelift™, Columnlift™ and many other types of liftgates to their customers. They also manufacture flipaway gates and railgates for van bodies.

2500 lb & 3000 lb & 4000 lb Capacity Flipaways in stock as well as BMR 5500 lb Columnlifts.

New Model 3300 lb Capacity Flipaway (MXT) in stock.


DMD-33   (3300 lb Capacity)     Large Aluminum Platform In Stock




Whether you need knuckle boom cranes, material handling cranes, cable hoists or hooklifts, Palfingers is at your service. They also offer other types of forklifts, cranes and carriers to fulfill all your lifting needs. They specialize in flipaway gates for low bed heights.

3300 lb Capacity Flipaways in stock.


Tommy Gate

Tommy Gate is renowned for their hydraulic lifts that are durable and perfect for flatbeds, stakes and van bodies. They also offer railgates for van bodies and cutaways.




Providing high-quality on-road load-handling equipment, WALTCO is a brand offered by Hiab. WALTCO specializes in flipaway gates and railgates for van bodies and cutaways.


For more information, please call us.


Evaluating the Benefits of Liftgates in Delivery Applications

A vital part of transporting goods is getting them on and off the truck. However, driver shortages, driver retention and dock accessibility can all complicate delivery systems. A surprisingly diverse range of businesses have found an affordable and efficient solution in liftgates.

How do you know whether your operation would benefit from liftgates? And if so, how do you select a liftgate?

The following guidelines can help you assess what value a liftgate can add to your operation, by evaluating factors in delivery conditions and establishing liftgate selection criteria.

Factors in Delivery Conditions

By design, liftgates excel at loading from ground to truck, or unloading from truck to ground. The more pickups or deliveries made away from a dock, the more likely the need for liftgates.

Liftgates can also:

  Enable the delivery of heavy or bulky products, which are difficult for one person or even a team to maneuver alone
  Aid in-home deliveries, where loading docks are not present
  Respond to shortages of experienced drivers by enabling one person with a liftgate to complete deliveries safely and efficiently
  Reduce employee labor, thereby improving job satisfaction and job retention
  Eliminate lengthy waits to get to docks or use a forklift
  Accommodate just-in-time demands for fewer goods, delivered more frequently
  Increase delivery speed, particularly with heavy cargo
  Enhance workplace safety related to back and lifting injuries
  Reduce the risk of product damage


Below listed are some of the liftgate types we provide our clients in British Columbia:

Standard ride flipaways

Level ride flipaways

Medium-duty railgates

Heavy-duty railgates

Conventional liftgates

Turn to us for quality customization services for both dry and refrigerated freight van bodies in British Columbia.

We have a large inventory of standard and specialized van parts to customize your trucks as per your industry requirements.

We have an ICBC authorized repair department to repair or service almost all makes and models of van bodies.

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