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Preventing road hazards begins with fully functioning lighting and electrical systems. Let Minoru Truck Bodies Ltd. help you stay compliant with lighting regulations so that others can see you clearly on the road. We sell high-quality electrical parts in British Columbia from some of the leading brands in the industry. Give us a call to learn more about our products and parts.

Hybrid Series LED Oval Stop/Tail/Turn and Backup Light

Part # M85615R


Hybrid Series LED Round Stop/Tail/Turn and Backup Light

Part # M85417R

round stop

Low-profile Thin Oval Surface Mount (Stick-on) Lights

  Ultra-thin 0.4” low-profile design
  Polycarbonate lens and housing
  Completely sealed electronics


  Red LED S/T/T
  Part # M63350R


  Clear LED backup
  Part # M63350


  Adhesive mounting tape
  Part # M63350 Tape

oval surface

60 Series Replacement Oval Stop/Tail/Turn and Backup Lamp

  Red S/T/T
  Part # 50812


  Red LED S/T/T
  Part # 52892


  Clear backup
  Part # 62231


  Clear LED backup
  Part # 62051

oval stop

40 Series Replacement 4” Stop/Tail/Turn and Backup Lamp

  Red S/T/T
  Part # 52772


  Red LED S/T/T
  Part # 53252


  Clear backup
  Part # 62171


  Clear LED backup
  Part # 62391


Stop/Tail and Turn Module (4” - 40 Series Lamp)

Part # 50812
  Heavy-gauge steel plate and can
  Right or left hand application
  Torsion Mount 40 Series 4” round sealed lamps

40 series

Stop/Tail and Turn (Two-Stud) Lamp

Part # 52602
Replaces previous three-stud model


Model 15 Clearance Markers

  Red replacement lamp
  Part # 15200 R


  Amber replacement lamp
  Part # 15200 A


  Red LED replacement lamp
  Part # 15250 R


  Amber LED replacement lamp
  Part # 15250 A


  Grey mounting base
  Part # 15720


Model 19 Clearance Markers

  Red replacement lamp
  Part # 19200 R


  Amber replacement lamp
  Part # 19200 A


  Red LED replacement lamp
  Part # 19275 R


  Amber LED replacement lamp
  Part # 19275 A


  Grey mounting base with hot wire
  Part # 19721


Utility / Tractor Rubber Par 36 Light

Part # 64931
  Shock-absorbing weather-proof body
  For utility, fifth wheel, backup, tractor, forklifts or off-road
  Swivel mount
  Trapezoid beam pattern


Utility / Work Flood Light

Part # BZ201-5
  5 LED
  1100 raw lumens
  Die cast aluminum housing
  Polycarbonate lens

flood light

30-Minute Springwound Timer
Part # FF30MC


Workshop Power Station with Two-Port USB Charger, 8 Outlets,1000 Lumen and 6000K LED Work Lights

Part # MEP-81000WL
  2 USB ports
  2 adjustable 1000 lumen and 6000K LED work lights
  8 outlets max power 1875W
  6’ three-pin grounded cord


High Bay LED Linkable Work Light Fixture

  360° beam angle rated for outdoor water-resistant use


  60-watt 7200 lumen daylight 5000K
  Part # MPWL-60 L


  100-watt 12,000 lumen daylight 5000K
  Part # MPWL-100 L

High bay

Turn to us for quality customization services for both dry and refrigerated freight van bodies in British Columbia.

We have a large inventory of standard and specialized van parts to customize your trucks as per your industry requirements.

We have an ICBC authorized repair department to repair or service almost all makes and models of van bodies.

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