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Hardware for Your Truck Mirrors

Got a broken mirror on your truck? Minoru Truck Bodies has you covered with mirror heads, replacement glass and other hardware. If you need help locating a part, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Truck side mirrors

Truck Side Mirrors

Velvac 2020 Deluxe Mirror Heads

Part # 714579 – Black Manual Driver Side Deluxe Mirror Head

Part # 714580 – Black Manual Passenger Side Deluxe Mirror Head

Replacement Parts for 2020 Deluxe Mirror Heads

Part # 709448 – Deluxe Mirror Flat Glass

Part # 709449 – Deluxe Mirror Convex Glass with Retaining Clip

Part # 709589 – Deluxe Mirror Convex Glass Repair Kit

Front mirror

Velvac 2020 Standard Mirror Heads

Part # 714575 – Black Manual Standard Mirror Head

Replacement Parts

Part # 709407 – Standard Mirror Flat Glass Kit

 (Includes Bezel and Wedge Convex)


Velvac 2020XG Mirror Heads

Part # 715985 – Black Manual Driver Side Deluxe Mirror Head
Part # 715986 – Black Manual Passenger Side Deluxe Mirror Head

Replacement Parts for 2015/2020 Standard Mirror Heads

Part # 716103 – Deluxe XG Mirror Driver Side Flat Glass
Part # 716104 – Deluxe XG Mirror Passenger Side Flat  Glass
Part # 716105 – Deluxe XG Mirror Driver Side Convex Glass
Part # 716106 – Deluxe XG Mirror Passenger Side  Convex Glass

side mirror bracket

Metagal Mirror Assembly

West Coast-Style Bracket with Standard 15” Dual Lens Mirror

Part # X20.K96.00 – Black Passenger Side Mirror and Bracket
Part # X20.K97.00 – Black Driver Side Mirror Head and Bracket

Replacement Parts

Part # S20.513.90 – Flat Glass
Part # S20.719.23 – Convex Glass
Part # 748416 – Nylon Clamp Kit (Fits ¾” O.D. Tube)

side mirror for truck

Metagal New Style Heads and Replacement Parts

Part # R3.F15.D12#19 – New Style Passenger Side Mirror Head
Part # L3.F15.D12#19 – New Style Driver Side Mirror Head
Part # 23.515.02#22 – Clamp Kit for 22MM Tube
Part # 23.515.02#25 – Clamp Kit for 25MM Tube

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