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Got a broken mirror on your truck? Get in touch with Minoru Truck Bodies Ltd. for mirror heads for all your truck mirrors. We have you covered with replacement glass kits, mirror assemblies, clamp kits and more. If you need help locating a part, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Truck Side Mirrors

Velvac 2020 Deluxe Mirror Heads

  Black manual driver side deluxe mirror head
  Part # 714579


  Black manual passenger side deluxe mirror head
  Part # 714580

Replacement Parts for 2020 Deluxe Mirror Heads

  Deluxe mirror flat glass
  Part # 709448


  Deluxe mirror convex glass with retaining clip
  Part # 709449


  Deluxe mirror convex glass repair kit
  Part # 709589


Velvac 2020 Standard Mirror Heads

  Black manual standard mirror head
  Part # 714575

Replacement Parts

  Standard mirror flat glass kit (includes bezel and wedge convex)
  Part # 709407

mirror heads

Velvac 2020XG Mirror Heads

  Black manual driver side deluxe mirror head
  Part # 715985


  Black manual passenger side deluxe mirror head
  Part # 715986

Replacement Parts for 2015/2020 Standard Mirror Heads

  Deluxe XG mirror driver side flat glass
  Part # 716103


  Deluxe XG mirror passenger side flat glass
  Part # 716104


  Deluxe XG mirror driver side convex glass
  Part # 716105


  Deluxe XG mirror passenger side convex glass
  Part # 716106

standard mirrors

Metagal Mirror Assembly

West Coast-Style Bracket with Standard 15” Dual Lens Mirror

Replacement Parts

  Flat glass
  Part # S20.513.90


  Convex glass
  Part # S20.719.23


  Nylon clamp kit (fits ¾” O.D. tube)
  Part # 748416

metagal mirror

Metagal New Style Heads and Replacement Parts

  New style passenger side mirror head
  Part # R3.F15.D12#19


  New style driver side mirror head
  Part # L3.F15.D12#19


  Clamp kit for 22mm tube
  Part # 23.515.02#22


  Clamp kit for 25mm tube
  Part # 23.515.02#25

metagal mirror

Turn to us for quality customization services for both dry and refrigerated freight van bodies in British Columbia.

We have a large inventory of standard and specialized van parts to customize your trucks as per your industry requirements.

We have an ICBC authorized repair department to repair or service almost all makes and models of van bodies.

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